PEAKFUEL Chocolate Hit Recovery Shake - Coming soon


A high protein shake that contains no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colouring. The balance of Protein and Carbohydrate in the Recovery Shake makes it an ideal food to ensure muscle repair, recharging and building, whether it is after a session in the gym, out on the roads or just to start your day off right.

The three protein sources in PeakFuel High Performance Recovery Shake have been designed to be assimilated at different rates providing a more sustained uptake of amino acids into the body.

PeakFuel High Performance Recovery Shake added to your diet will hopefully be a tool to aid in achieving your goals, be they performance, body composition or lifestyle goals.

For optimum results PeakFuel High Performance Recovery Shake can be used in conjunction with other great PeakFuel High Performance products such as Hydration Formula.

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