PeakFuel Intensity Hydration 500g Raspberry Rush + Caffeine




PeakFuel Intensity Hydration is an electrolyte drink base designed to help you achieve optimal performance during sport & exercise with the added benefit of caffeine

Simply mix with water to provide an important source of carbohydrates to refuel your body with energy and essential electrolytes to help keep your body balanced.  Its isotonic formula will provide fast hydration, to help prevent or treat mild dehydration which may occur from sustained
strenuous exercise.

Designed with high intensity exercise and racing in mind.


  • Flavoured with real raspberries
  • Makes 8.5 litres
  • 21mg of caffeine per 236ml serve
  • 5.5% carbohydrates
  • Electrolytes - Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium
  • Light flavour with no need to water down
  • No added preservatives colours or artificial ingredients
  • Made in New Zealand

RECOMENDED USE : 500ml - 900ml per hour of exercise up to a maximum of 4.25 litres (18 serves)

WARNING: Contains 21mg caffeine per serve. Not recommended for children pregnant or lactating women or individuals sensitive to caffeine.






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